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Diamantdrahtschleife mit Diamantdrahtsäge ist eines der flexibelsten Schneidwerkzeuge, mit dem Diamantkristalle auf die Stahloberfläche gesetzt und in eine Richtung bewegt werden können, die sich auf die Oberfläche von Diamantkristallen setzt. Während des Schneidens bewegt sich der Diamantdraht mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 30-60 m / s aus einer Richtung. Es wird den Benutzern die großen Vorteile. Das flexible CBN und der Diamantdraht von HANS überzeugen durch ihre hohe Zugfestigkeit, ihre starke Kornbindung sowie die hohe Qualität des Diamantschleifendrahtes und des Diamantkorns.

Saphir Diamant Schlaufe Drahtsäge

Diamond Coated Wire Loop
Precision ​Diamond Wire Loop Diamond Coated Cutting Wire Diamond Wire Saw

Specification High efficiency on cutting, while the speed from 30 to 60 m/s,Diameter from 0.65-3.0 mm,Length from 800-100000 mm and math for the popular machine in current market Cutting fits into both wet or dry environment,Cutting directions could change by customer's requirement. And also could apply to cut the curved surface. Operation and Replacement of diamond wire are really convention,Widely used on cutting the rubber machine and hard surface of materials,such as,tire Section cutting machine,Tyre section cutting machine,artificial crystal (sapphire, silicon),Special Ceramic,Precious metal,graphite and plastic,brittle material. Also used on research field: geology,archaeology,architecture and biology etc. Also supply the diamond loop wire saw for tire section cutting machine. Compared with other diamond cutting tools, the Loop diamond wire is a flexible tool: 1)Not only can be used for straight line cutting, but also curved surface cutting; 2)Not subject to the shape of the surface of the object; 3)The workplace requires simply, but large area cutting can be carried on; 4)The use of diamond wire saw can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution. Due to the above advantages, the market shares of diamond wires are getting bigger and bigger, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider.As many of our clients can testify, Hans Service and Support gives us the edge in our solutions.Whatever your requirements, We will be there for your immediate and long term needs.Professional Services & Consulting Tailored to Your Business.

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