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20 Segments

10" Concrete Cup Wheel

20 Segments

Segmented Grinding Cup Wheels for Concrete: Efficient Material Removal and Polishing

Our segmented grinding cup wheels are meticulously engineered to address diverse concrete grinding and polishing needs. These cup wheels boast extra-large segments with a custom-made bond, ensuring prolonged tool life with consistent wear. Precision-balanced for a vibration-free operation, each cup wheel leaves a smooth finish. Well-arranged segments contribute to fast grinding, making these tools highly efficient for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Aggressive Material Removal:

    • The segmented grinding cup wheels feature a high diamond concentration, facilitating aggressive material removal. Experience efficient grinding, ensuring optimal productivity and extended tool life.

  2. Enhanced Durability:

    • Large grinding segments with heat-treated steel bodies provide enhanced durability and wheel life. The robust construction ensures consistent wear, making these cup wheels reliable for demanding concrete grinding tasks.

  3. Efficient Heat Dissipation:

    • The venting hole design aids in efficient heat dissipation during operation, preventing overheating and contributing to an extended service life. This feature is crucial for maintaining optimal performance during intense grinding applications.

  4. Fast Grinding with Well-Arranged Segments:

    • The well-arranged segments on these cup wheels are designed to produce fast grinding results. Achieve efficient material removal and surface preparation, saving time and effort on concrete grinding and polishing projects.


  • Floor and Concrete Grinding

  • Floor and Concrete Polishing

  • Edge Grinding and Polishing

  • Fast Removal of Paints, Glues, Wallpapers, Epoxy, and Surface Coatings


  • Diamond Concentration: High

  • Grinding Segments: Large with Heat Treated Steel Bodies

  • Venting Hole: Yes (Heat Dissipation)

  • Segment Arrangement: Well-Arranged for Fast Grinding

Versatile Solution for Concrete Grinding and Polishing:

Our segmented grinding cup wheels are versatile tools suitable for a range of applications, from concrete grinding and polishing to the removal of surface coatings. Whether shaping, polishing, or removing coatings, these cup wheels deliver efficient and reliable performance. Invest in high-quality cup wheels to enhance your concrete surface preparation tasks with precision and speed.

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