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14” (350mm)

Concrete diamond Blade

14” (350mm)

HNSCG Series Concrete Diamond Blade: Precision Cutting for Cure Concrete and Reinforced Concrete

The HNSCG series concrete diamond blade is meticulously engineered for the precise cutting of cure concrete and reinforced concrete. Featuring specially designed drop segments for undercut protection, this concrete diamond blade offers exceptional performance. It is available with different bonds to accommodate machines ranging from 20HP to over 65HP.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Concrete Cutting:

  2. Undercut Protection:

    • Specially designed drop segments provide effective undercut protection, ensuring clean and accurate cuts, especially in reinforced concrete. This feature enhances the overall quality of the cutting process.

  3. Machine Compatibility:

    • With different bonds available, this concrete diamond blade is compatible with a wide range of machines, from 20HP to over 65HP. This versatility allows users to choose the appropriate configuration based on their specific equipment requirements.

  4. Faster Cutting with U Slot Segments:

    • For increased cutting  speed, U slots segments can be installed on this concrete cutting blade. The U slots design facilitates faster material removal, making it a valuable option for applications that demand efficiency.



  • Material Compatibility: Cure Concrete , Reinforced Concrete 

  • Segment Design: Specially Designed Drop segments

  • Machine Compatibility: 20HP to Over 65HP (Different Bonds Available)

  • Optional U slots segments: Yes (for Faster Cutting)

Precision and Efficiency for Concrete Cutting:

The HNSCG series Concrete diamond blade is designed to deliver precision and efficiency in the cutting of cure Concrete and reinforced concrete. Its versatile nature, coupled with specially designed drop segments, ensures a high-quality cutting process. With different bonds available, users can tailor the blade to suit the specifications of their cutting machines. The option for U slots segments further enhances cutting speed, making this Concrete diamond blade an indispensable tool for professionals in the construction and engineering industries.


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