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Crack Chaser Blade

4-1/2” (115mm)

4-1/2” (115mm)

Crack Chasing Diamond Blade: Unmatched Precision for Concrete, Marble, and Granite

Crack Chasing Diamond Blade, meticulously crafted for routing and widening cracks in concrete. Engineered with a medium soft bond, this blade ensures a smooth cut and rapid stock removal. Whether you're working on concrete, marble, and granite, the premium diamond segments  deliver clean and precise cuts, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.

Key Features:

1. Premium Diamond Segments:

- The blade is equipped with high-quality diamond segments  that ensure superior cutting performance, making it suitable for a variety of materials including concrete, marble, and granite.

2. V-Shape Taper:

- With a V-shape taper, the blade adeptly follows crack s, providing unmatched precision. This design facilitates effective cleaning of crack s, preparing them for seamless repairs.

3. Versatile Arbor Size:

- The blade comes with a 5/8-inch to 7/8-inch arbor, offering compatibility with most angle grinders. This versatility ensures easy integration into your existing tool set.

4. High RPM Capability:

- With a maximum RPM of 13,000, this blade delivers efficient cutting performance, allowing you to accomplish your tasks swiftly and effectively.

5. Wet or Dry Usage:

- Whether you prefer wet or dry cutting, this diamond blade is designed to accommodate both preferences, providing flexibility for various work conditions.


- Concrete Crack Chasing

- Marble Cutting

- Granite Cutting

- Surface Preparation for Repairs

Upgrade your cutting tools with the Crack Chasing Diamond blade, designed for professionals who demand precision and efficiency in their work. Whether you're working with  concrete, marble, and granite., this blade ensures clean cuts and prepares cracks for optimal repairs. Experience the next level of cutting performance with our premium diamond blade.


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