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Diamond Wire for Granite Profiling


Diamond wire for granite profiling is specifically designed for cutting and shaping granite materials with precision and efficiency. It is widely used in various applications, including cutting granite arc boards, blocks, and cylinders. The features and applications of diamond wire for granite profiling:


  1. Granite Arc Boards: Diamond wire is used to cut various types of granite arc boards, ensuring precise and clean cuts for curved or arched granite surfaces.

  2. Granite Blocks: It is employed in cutting granite blocks into specific shapes and sizes, allowing for customized fabrication and construction projects.

  3. Granite Cylinders: Diamond wire is utilized to cut granite cylinders, providing precise shaping and profiling for architectural and sculptural applications.


  1. High Efficiency and Smooth Cutting Surface: Diamond wire for stone cutting offers high efficiency and produces a smooth cutting surface on granite materials. This ensures excellent finishing results with minimal additional processing required.

  2. Long Service Life with Fewer Wire Breakages: The diamond wire is engineered for durability and reliability, resulting in fewer instances of wire breakage and a longer service life. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs, enhancing overall productivity.

Overall, diamond wire for granite profiling offers exceptional cutting performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for shaping and cutting granite materials in various architectural, construction, and sculptural applications. Its efficiency, precision, and durability make it a valuable tool for granite processing and fabrication industries.

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