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Pneumatic Drilling Machine


Pneumatic core drill machine is a type of drilling equipment that utilizes compressed air to power its operation. suitable for stone drilling and can drill holes from different sections of stone with high efficiency.The HNSP90 Pneumatic Core Drill is a specialized drilling equipment designed for stone drilling applications.

  • Drilling Depth: Capable of drilling up to 30 meters deep, making it suitable for various drilling depths in stone materials.

  • Drilling Diameter: Supports drilling diameters ranging from 65 to 90 millimeters, providing flexibility to drill holes of different sizes.

  • Drilling Speed: Offers a drilling speed of 6 to 8 meters per hour, ensuring efficient and timely completion of drilling tasks.

  • Minimum Pressure: Requires a minimum pressure of 0.6 MPa (megapascal) to operate effectively, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Air Consumption: Consumes approximately 6 to 7 cubic meters of compressed air per minute, indicating its air efficiency during operation.

  • Stroke: Features a stroke length of 1.2 meters, enabling the drill to penetrate the stone efficiently with each stroke.

These specifications highlight the capabilities of the HNSP90 Pneumatic Core Drill, making it an efficient and reliable choice for stone drilling tasks, whether for construction, mining, or geological exploration purposes.

Technical Parameter


HNSH90 Hydraulic Core Drill

HNSP90 Pneumatic Core Drill

Drilling Depth (m)



Drilling Diameter (mm)

65 to 90

65 to 90

Drilling Speed (m/h)

6 to 8

6 to 8

Min. Pressure (MPa)


Air Consumption (m3/m)

9 to 12

6 to 7

Stroke (m)



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