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Green Concrete L-segment Cup Wheel


HNSGL Series Green Concrete L-Segment Cup Wheels: Efficient Grinding for Green Concrete

The HNSGL series green concrete L-segment cup wheels are engineered for rapid and efficient grinding of green concrete, offering remarkably long-life performance. These cup wheels feature extra-large segments with a custom-made bond, ensuring extended tool life and consistent wear. Precision-balanced for vibration-free operation, each cup delivers a smooth finish. The "L” shaped segments are specially designed for smooth surface grinding, making these cup wheels ideal for working with green concrete.

Key Features:

  1. Aggressive Material Removal:

    • With a high diamond concentration, these green concrete L-segment cup wheels excel in aggressive material removal. Experience efficient grinding of green concrete with the added benefit of extended tool life.

  2. Enhanced Durability:

    • Large grinding segments with heat-treated steel bodies contribute to enhanced durability and prolonged wheel life. The robust construction ensures consistent wear and reliable performance in demanding green concrete grinding applications.

  3. Efficient Heat Dissipation:

    • The venting hole design facilitates efficient heat dissipation during operation, preventing overheating and promoting an extended service life. This feature is crucial for maintaining optimal performance during intense grinding tasks.

  4. Smooth Surface Grinding:

    • Specially designed "L” shaped segments provide a unique advantage by delivering smooth surface grinding. Achieve the desired surface finish with precision, whether for final polishing or subsequent construction processes.


  • Green Concrete Grinding

  • General Concrete Grinding

  • Surface Shaping


  • Diamond Concentration: High

  • Grinding Segments: Large with Heat Treated Steel Bodies

  • Venting Hole: Yes (Heat Dissipation)

  • Segment Shape: "L” Shaped for Smooth Surface Grinding

Enhance your green concrete grinding tasks with the HNSGL series green concrete L-segment cup wheels. Designed for efficiency and longevity, these cup wheels provide a reliable solution for professionals seeking consistent performance in green concrete applications. Achieve smooth surface grinding with confidence using these high-quality cup wheels.

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