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General Purpose Blade

General Purpose Blade

HNSPD Series General Purpose Diamond Blade - High Performance Cutting


Our HNSPD series general purpose diamond blades stand out as one of the most advanced and high-performing options available in the market today. Engineered for fast and aggressive cutting, these laser-welded saw blades excel in a wide variety of applications, especially advanced and composite materials. Customization in diameters, thickness, and arbor sizes is available upon request.


  • Concrete

  • Brick

  • Block

  • Masonry

  • Natural Stone

  • Glass

  • Composites


  1. High Cutting Performance:

    • The strategic design ensures that diamonds come into contact with the material precisely when and where needed. This optimization maximizes the efficiency of both the diamond and bond, delivering high cutting performance.

  2. Faster Cutting Action:

    • The HNSPD diamond blades exhibit enhanced aggressiveness compared to conventional blades. This characteristic enables faster cutting actions, leaving behind a smooth finish on the cut surface.

  3. Universal Usage and Long Service Life:

    • Designed to work on a diverse range of materials, these laser-welded saw blades offer universal usability. Whether cutting hard or soft materials, the blades maintain consistent and reliable performance over an extended service life.

  4. Excellent Cooling System:

    • The blades are equipped with an efficient cooling system, allowing for cutting with or without oil. Water is recommended as a preferable coolant, providing organic cooling without contaminating or leaving oily residues on the cut material.

The HNSPD Series General Purpose Diamond Blade stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, offering professionals a versatile, high-performance tool suitable for a myriad of cutting applications.


General Purpose Blade
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