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Segmented General Purpose Blade

Segmented General Purpose Blade

Our Segmented General Purpose Blade, part of the Series, is meticulously designed to provide optimal cutting performance and an extended service life when dealing with abrasive materials like asphalt. The blade's innovative features ensure efficiency and safety during cutting operations.


  1. Precision for Abrasive Materials:

    • Tailored for cutting abrasive materials such as asphalt, this segmented general purpose blade excels in performance and longevity.

  2. Supreme Quality Segments:

    • The blade boasts 10mm segments of supreme quality, delivering superior cutting performance and ensuring a long service life.

  3. Enhanced Cooling Design:

    • The slanted steel core design, coupled with strategically placed cooling holes, maximizes cutting speed and facilitates efficient heat dissipation during operations.

  4. Deep Undercut Protection:

    • Equipped with deep-drop segments, the blade provides reliable undercut protection, particularly when working with abrasive materials. This feature prevents unwanted issues during cutting.

  5. Safety through Laser Welding:

    • Laser-welded segments enhance safety and durability, ensuring the blade's resilience in challenging cutting conditions.

  6. Universal Arbor Size:

    • The 1” arbor size is designed to fit most walk-behind saws with power ratings up to 20HP, offering versatility and compatibility.

  7. Wet or Dry Cutting:

    • The segmented general purpose blade is designed for flexibility, allowing for both wet and dry cutting applications based on your specific requirements.

Whether you are involved in asphalt cutting for construction or roadwork, this Segmented General Purpose Blade from our Series delivers the precision, durability, and safety needed for demanding cutting tasks. Its adaptability to wet or dry cutting scenarios adds to its overall versatility, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.


Segmented General Purpose Blade
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