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U Slot Diamond Blade

U Slot Diamond Blade

U Slot Diamond Blade

TGPE Series U-Slot Diamond Blade - Fast and Efficient Cutting for Hard Materials


The HNSPE series U-slot diamond blade is meticulously crafted for cutting hard materials such as masonry, bricks, and blocks. The U-slot design enhances cutting efficiency, providing fast cutting and cooling, easy material discharge, and aggressive cutting capabilities for deep cuts.


  1. Longer Service Life:

    • An increased retention of diamond in the U-slot diamond blade significantly improves its overall performance, ensuring a much longer service life.

  2. Faster Cut:

    • The innovative U-slot design of this segmented blade contributes to a faster cutting speed, enhancing the efficiency of the cutting tool.

  3. Increased Safety:

    • The U-slot diamond blade boasts very high and uniform density across the entire segment, rendering it almost unbreakable. This results in higher torque resistance of the laser-welded segments, ensuring increased safety during operation.

  4. Smaller Carbon Footprint:

    • With lower energy consumption requirements, the U-slot segmented blade is environmentally friendly, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. This feature aligns with sustainable and eco-conscious cutting practices.

The HNSPE Series U-Slot Diamond Blade stands out as a reliable and high-performance cutting tool, specifically designed for tackling hard materials with precision and efficiency.

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