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Single Row Cup Wheel


Single Row Diamond Cup Wheels: Unleashing Efficiency in Surface Grinding

Unlock the power of efficiency with our Single Row Diamond Cup Wheels, meticulously crafted to excel in surface grinding applications. Engineered for use on a variety of concretes, medium to hard granite, masonry, and stone finish work, these cup wheels are your reliable companion for surface clean-up and shaping tasks. Designed to be lightweight, they ensure fast and effective surface grinding for a wide range of construction materials.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Applications:

- These cup wheels are designed to be used on various concretes, medium to hard granite, masonry, stone finish work, and surface clean-up. Whether you're working on concrete, granite, brick, block, or stone, these cup wheels deliver versatility and reliability.

2. Lightweight Design:

- The lightweight construction of these cup wheels ensures fast and efficient surface grinding. Contractors can maneuver and operate these tools with ease, contributing to enhanced productivity.

3. Aggressive Material Removal:

- High diamond concentration empowers these single row cup wheels for aggressive material removal. Experience efficient grinding that tackles tough surfaces with ease, ensuring a smooth and rapid workflow.

4. Durable Construction:

- Large grinding segments with heat-treated steel bodies provide enhanced durability and extended wheel life. These cup wheels are built to withstand the demands of challenging construction materials, offering long-lasting performance.

5. Effective Heat Dissipation:

- The venting hole design contributes to efficient heat dissipation during operation. This feature ensures an extended service life, allowing for prolonged use without compromising performance.

6. Dry Use on Electric Power Tools:

- These single row cup wheels are designed for dry use on electric power tools. Choose between a non-threaded arbor (7/8” (22.2mm)) or threaded arbor (5/8”-11UNC) based on your equipment specifications.


- Surface Grinding

- Concrete Grinding

- Granite Grinding

- Masonry Work

- Stone Finish Work

- Surface Clean-Up

Elevate your surface grinding experience with our Single Row Diamond Cup Wheels — the go-to solution for contractors seeking efficiency, versatility, and durable performance. Unleash the power of these cup wheels on your next project.

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